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Glandex Soft Chews Anal Gland Support for Dogs

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Glandex is an oral supplement specifically designed for your dog's anal gland problems with guaranteed results.

This patented formula was developed by leading veterinarians and is a scientific breakthrough for anal gland problems.

Glandex is a much more effective alternative to frequent anal gland expressing which can lead to further irritation of the anal glands.

Formulated with key ingredients, Glandex works from the inside out to target the underlying causes of anal gland problems and helps your pet empty their anal glands naturally. That means that your pet will need less frequent emptying of the anal glands and will feel more comfortable.

Glandex's proprietary formula is not only highly effective and safe, but it is also easy to use and has a taste that your pet will love.

With Glandex you can finally boot the scoot! and say goodbye to your dog's anal gland problems.

With Glandex you can finally leave your dog's anal gland problems BEHIND. 

Anal gland problems are extremely common in pets.  Here are the most common symptoms:

  • Scooting
  • Licking the rear
  • Foul or fishy odour from your pet
  • Straining to defecate
  • Swelling and/or pain near rear end

Features & Benefits:

  • Supports healthy anal gland function in all-size dogs
  • Guaranteed results in 3-5 weeks
  • Targets all of the underlying causes of anal gland problems
  • Veterinarian formulated & recommended

  • Great tasting real peanut butter treat
  • Easy once-daily dosing
  • All-natural premium ingredients including pumpkin seed, enzymes, & probiotics
  • Grain free with no corn, soy or wheat. 
  • Contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. 
  • Contains no animal proteins. 

How Glandex Works:

  • Unique formula works from the inside out to support healthy anal gland function
  • Contains the precise amount of fibre to help bulk & firm the stools to promote natural emptying of the anal glands
  • Natural anti-inflammatories that target underlying inflammation & allergies
  • Probiotics & digestive enzymes to support a healthy digestive tract!

SIZES:  30's;  60;  120's



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Linda Brown (Melbourne, AU)

My Shetland Sheepdog is 5yrs old. About 2 years ago he started skooting. Every 2 months he needed his anal glands emptied. It's been 3 weeks since starting glandex. I've seen Kuparr skoot once, during this time. I'm hopeful that this product is doing a great job.

Sally Oyston (Ropes Crossing, AU)

What an awesome product , my beagle Frank no longer has that “ pungent odour “ we know as anal gland pong .
I kept my jar in the fridge and the “ chews” are easy to eat and goes down a treat for him .
Thank you