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Go Cat Cat Catcher

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This "mouse-on-a-wire" toy will give your cat plenty of practice to help keep your house rodent free!

The Cat Catcher by Go-Cat will provide endless fun for you and your cat. Cat Catcher has a tiny, cute mouse attached to a flexible wire at one end and the wire is connected to a 15cm glitter wand at the other end. The incredibly durable Cat Catcher gives you fantastic action just by turning the handle with your thumb and forefinger. Your feline friend will have loads of fun trying to catch that mouse as it is squirming, skidding, and flopping to get away.

Handcrafted in the USA. Colors may vary.

Replacement mouse lures for the Cat Catcher are available.

We suggest to replace your Cat Catcher Mouse when it is worn. Simply unhook from the swivel attachment, discard the worn mouse, and attach the replacement mouse onto the swivel.

Customer Reviews

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Jasmin Bromage (Perth, AU)

I have a 5 month old kitten and he was obsessed with this as soon as it came out of the packet. He’s been running around the house with it all day, literally loves it so much that I’ve had to put it in a cupboard so that he remembers to eat his dinner haha! An absolute winner!

Vicki (Adelaide, AU)
Go Cat Catcher

My cat Sophie loves this toy she can't get enough of it.

Great cat toy

Our cat is hard to buy for as he doesn't seem to be interested in a lot of the usual cat toys He absolutely loves the cat catcher , he'll even go looking for it after we've put it away. We bought a refill but luckily haven't had to replace the original yet - I'm reluctant to let him chew on it too much. It's easily the best cat toy we've found so far. Would definitely recommend it to others.

He loved it until I bought Da Bird

This toy was a hit and we would run up and down the hall playing chase the mouse. And then I bought Da Bird and this toy has been forsaken in favour of feathers

The cats LOVE this toy!

We have two rescue cats and they both love this toy. The mouse is attached to a fine, flexible wire which allows you to create a movement that is quite realistic and irresistable to the cats. The mouse is reasonably durable, although one of the cats has tried to kill her mouse and it has shredded slightly. The mice are attached to the wire by a little hinge which allows you to easily remove the mouse when it is worn out. I assume replacement mice are available. Highly recommended.