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Heavy Duty Slow Feed Poly Hay Net - Medium (40")

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Maria (Brisbane, AU)
Slow feeder hay net

My boys were wasting so much hay when feeding straight on the ground. I purchased slow feeders nets and this has made such a difference, no more waste, makes them eat slower which makes there hay last longer.
Great product.

Favourite Hay Feeding Device By Far

We have tried every combination of hay bag, hay net, hay pillow we can find, ranging from the cheap to the ridiculously expensive. These hay nets have been the best we have found in terms of value for money and they actually do the job they are supposed to do ie. supply hay for the horse and importantly slow down the rate at which the hay is consumed. We've had ours in use pretty well constantly for 2 years in stables with horses that are not kind to them! We've had a couple that have unravelled a little at the top, but are still functional, and a few that have had holes chewed in the side of them (horses are clever and very persistent and once they find a weakness they keep working at that spot!). We feed predominantly grassy hay in them, but have also fed lucerne and have never had a horse that can't enjoy their hay throughout the course of the day/night. We manage to fit between 4 and 6 biscuits of hay in them (which of course would depend on the biscuit size in the hay).

Heavy Duty 2 Tone Poly Hay Net - Medium (40")

The product slows down the speed at which the horses eat, really good idea. Unfortunately the 3 I purchased the netting is xoming unknotted at the top, the strings on the unknotted netting are now badly frayed even theough I tried to reknot them as was suggested to me by the on line help. The nets have become unuseable , dangerous , one came off the hanging rope and i found it on the floor of the stable caught on one horses back shoe, luckily no injuries occurred,

Heavy Duty 2 Tone Poly Hay Net - Medium (40")

We find the hay nets excellent. They hold a compressed bale of hay which our ex racehorse has access to 24/7. We are no longer wasting hay and it is keeping him occupied during the times he is in his yard. Would love to get large ones to take the round bales for paddock use. Highly recommend.

Heavy Duty 2 Tone Poly Hay Net - Medium (40")

Cannot use this product. The spaces are too small for any hay to be eaten.