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KONG Extreme Flyer Disc

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The KONG Extreme Flyer is the perfect flying disc for games of fetch.

Flexible enough to be folded for easy portability, but rigid enough to fly, the Extreme Flyer is perfect for active dogs.

The KONG Extreme Flyer is made out of ultra-durable Extreme rubber to stand up to the rigorous demands of even the most enthusiastic dogs.

The KONG Extreme Flyer is soft on dog's teeth and gums.

Not to be used as a chew toy.

Made in the USA.

SIZE: Large - Diameter 23cm approximately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
VERY disappointed - broke in half within 5 seconds

We usually buy the red Kong flyer but decided since we have 3 large dogs we'd give the black one a try. got it out of the pack, walked to the back and threw it, 2 dogs went running, one grabbed it, the other grabbed on and it instantly broke apart!!! SOOOO unhappy, what a waste of money and product

not 100% sure if I like it

Not sure if this is me throwing it incorrectly but this Extreme Flyer by Kong is not flying like the other ones. I think it is a little bit too heavy and just drops like a massive pancake from the sky; also as it is black in colour it is very hard to spot when it drops especially early in the morning when it is still little bit dark outside.

Kong frisbee

My border collie cross loves it until my staphy x admired it a bit more and a chunk was taken out.However it still flies well, just better to play with a dog one on one then removing from the frisbee from temptation of tug of war :)

Play Play Play

Appreciate your advice Lou, but if you read my post you will see that the toy is only for play time and put away. My boy loves his frisbee play, but we were just a bit sad the Kong extreme flyer didn't last longer.

KONG Extreme Flyer

I bought this as a special toy for my border collie. I was a bit disappointed that it split fairly quickly, although not severely. It is put away when not in use and he is not allowed to chew it and doesn't tug-o-war with it. I have been looking for a durable disc for some time that will last. I have owned other Kong products for years. This is okay, but I thought it would take much more than basic fetch and return to split the product.