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Kong Wubba Toy

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The Wubba is the ultimate interactive play toy for dogs. Wubbas are designed for you to play fetch and other interactive games with your dog.

Assorted colours, sorry colour cannot be specified.

Three sizes available:

Small is about 10.2cm long, 22.9cm with the tails.
Large is about 12.7cm long, 33cm with the tails.
X-Large is about 15.2cm long, 40.6cm with the tails.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tracey and Tambo
Training toy not for leaving with dog all day

My puppy hasn't destroyed any toy worth more than $5 - until now. On the first day at home with this toy he chewed a fold in the fabric so its strictly for fetch at the park now.

Kong Wubba Toy

Out of all the toys on the market this is our dogs' favourite toy. Two miniature dachshunds have a hoot with the squeaking.

Kong Wubba Toy

This is my dog's (Great Dane) favorite toy! He LOVES it, he'll carry it from room to room with him, and always hassles us with it to play fetch, or tug, and often just brings it to us to show us that it squeaks... More sturdy than the Snugga version... Dog will LOVE it ... You may not lol

Vicki Gresser
Kong Wubba Toy

A great toy that I can use to play tug with the dogs and they play together on their own. They love to squeak it and shake it around and play tug together. The small wubba can be carried in your pocket and produced as a training reward for the dog instead of food when it does the correct thing. Mine love them

Fiona Bray
Kong Wubba Toy

Our dog- shih tzu- loves his Wubba! Loves to play fetch and just go mad running around shaking it and throwing it around- best toy he has, well worth the money to buy one!