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Phlegmon Black Label Rubifacient & Antiseptic Ointment 210g

Phlegmon Black Label Ointment is for the treatment of abscess formation, inflamed tendons and joints, and to ripen pustules. Phlegmon Ointment is for use in horses and dogs. On contact with the skin, Phlegmon Ointment produces a constant penetrating extensive heat for abscess.

An abscess may be described as a hollow filled by puss which may occur in any part of the body situated under a protective tissue. This is too often the cause of BIG NECK, the well known abscess formation in the region.

According to the time needed for an abscess to develop one classifies abscesses as acute or chronic. An acute abscess develops very quickly, usually 12 hours to
5 days after the infection has entered. A well defined swelling mostly in the neck or rump region which causes obvious pain when touched are well recognised symptoms of the start of the superficial abscess.

With a deep abscess there is a different history. The horse develops fever (39 degrees C & over). At first there is no swelling noticeable as the point of infection is deep seated under thick layers of tissue. The inflamed tissue surrounding the head of
the infection causes pain which will severely interfere with the movements of the muscles of the region concerned. The inflammatory process progresses towards the surface of the body and now the symptoms are identical with those observed
in superficial abscesses.

Contains: Camphor 35g/kg, methyl salicylate 25g/kg, icthammol 100g/kg.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Rub well into affected area, then cover with a thin layer twice daily.

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Narelle Smith (Mosman, AU)

Fabulous for my Pugs paws to eliminate saw paws...