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Phud's Natural Raw Dog Food Diet Mix

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Phud's Dog Food is designed to be used in conjunction with a fresh or cooked meat diet.

Phud’s Food is a low fat, high fibre, low allergy product formulated to compliment fresh or cooked meat. It contains carbohydrates, nutrients, herbs, legumes and vegetables and is free of wheat, preservatives, flavour enhancers and additives.
• When mixed with fresh or cooked meat, Phud’s becomes a 100% complete enriched food.
• Owners appreciate and love the fact they can see what they are feeding their pets.
• Dogs love and welcome the natural diet.
• Fussy dog friendly.
• Environmentally friendly product.
• Supports dogs suffering skin allergy.
• Natural energy returns as a result of the nutritional herbs
• Wheat free with no added preservatives or flavour enhancers.
• Mobility increases, idle dogs feel like moving.
• Firmer non-smelling faeces.
• High fibre content helps to lessen anal gland build up problems.
• Strengthened immune system.
• Calmer peaceful disposition.
• Coats soften and richer in colour.
• Assists with the rid of smelly odour.
• Assists weight loss

Ingredients:   Wholemeal of oat and barley, lentils, peas, carrot, psyllium husk, ground flaxseed, polenta, coconut, buck seed, king island kelp, rosa canina (rosehip herb), dandelion root (taraxacum officinale), dolomite rock powder

Feeding Guide

5kg dog = 1/4 cup Phuds food to 3/4 cup boiling water + 3/4 cup fresh meat daily

20kg dog = 1 cup Phuds food to 1 –1/2 cups boiling water + 2 cups fresh meat daily


If feeding puppies please alter the daily meat feeding portions recommendation. The amounts on the packaging are for adult dogs. Puppies require extra protein. 
If feeding large breeds they will require extra calcium. 
Split the portion into 4 so they are getting 4 small meals per day.
Chicken mince is desirable while young as it is a higher fat content. Try a chicken and beef mince combo or chicken and lamb mince combo.

PACK WEIGHT: 1kg; 5kg; 10kg

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