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iO Ratshot Blocks BLUE Difenacoum

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iO Ratshot Blocks BLUE Difenacoum are deadly to mice & rats. They also reduce the risk for secondary poisoning for dogs, cats, birds, native animals, livestock.

Ready to use Baits for BALANCED RODENT CONTROL indoors & out.

RATSHOT Blocks BLUE Difenacoum employs the A.I Difenacoum, delivering significant advantages in a number of ways.

1: Most rat & mouse specific anticoagulant rodenticide.
2: Relatively low amounts of bait to kill rats & mice.
3: The product of choice when you need effective control with reduced risk.
4: Science based formulation, all-weather blocks.


800g (pictured);

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Charles Turner (Brisbane, AU)

We have a neighbour whose property gives a great home to rats and they breed there. The local Council defends this person and the 'friendly' Council inspectors tell us there is no evidence of Rats. Adjoining property owners disagree, including me! We have rats in our ceiling (not as many as in the past) as we have had some help from a friendly Pest Exterminator who has clued us up on prevention of entry. Still we get some rats. The Blue Blocks that we purchased have hardly been touched, we think that is a step in the right direction. WE have a new neighbour who has a large aviary and rats use our boundaries to access the bird seed, we have put some Blue Blocks along this path and the traffic seems to have slowed. SO FAR, SO GOOD!

Graeme Geddes (Beaudesert, AU)
Awesome stuff!

We had a really bad rat problem and traps just weren't working for us. We tried the old style snappy ones, and a cage live trap, and I even brought a trap that has o-rings loaded in it to snap around the rats neck but nothing was working and I really didn't want to bait because of my neighbors dog and my own dog. Until after extensive research I found the Ratshot Blue Blocks. I baited all around mine and the neighbors properties and after only two weeks no more rats! And the bonus, no sick furbabies! Awesome stuff!