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Vetafarm Neocare Hand Rearing Food

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NEOCARE follows nature by providing a form of "crop milk", essential for the well being of incubated babies and is a great help in those you pull from the nest to hand rear. NEOCARE is suitable for the species we commonly hand rear including parrots, cockatoos, finches, canaries, pigeons and doves.

NEOCARE is a fine powder that is mixed with hot water to give the desired mix. For newly hatched babies make a very dilute mix and give a few drops until the baby passes its first dropping. Then feed as required and slowly increase the thickness of the mix until by day 5 they are getting a mix that will fall through the prongs of a fork.
For babies pulled from the nest (5 – 14 days of age), make a normal thickness mix (falls through the fork) and feed as you would any formula.

For Cockatoos, pigeons and doves use NEOCARE as the sole source of food until weaning.

For birds that fail to thrive, keep the brooder temperature up and give NEOCARE as their sole diet until they are growing normally.

If you have chicks in the nest you wish to supplementary feed then simply make up a mix of NEOCARE and crop feed as required – it will boost those slow babies so they can compete with nest mates for food.

Pack size: 450g; 2.5kg; 10kg

Customer Reviews

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Cruza (Rye, AU)
Vetafarm Neocare Hand Rearing Food.

An Excellent Product To Use For Any Type Of Baby Bird Hatched, Where There's No Parents To Naturally Feed It & Easy To Make Up Also.
Just Get A Milk Frother Thermometer With The Large Dial, So It's Easier To Read The Required Temp, To Feed Your Babies This Formula - Thank You.

Rosie Sue
Vetacare Neocare Hand Rearing Food,

This product is excellent for feeding.We are hand rearing baby Alexanderies,they grow so fast each week that passes you can see how big they have grown.They love it, it takes no time to prepare, which is a good thing.

VetafarmNeocare Hand Rearing Food

This product is excellent I care for orphan wild birds and this product has saved so many little birds from starving, they accept it readily and it is amazing how they thrive on this product, giving them a good start to being released back into the wild. I will also use it on my own birds to help in the rearing process, couldn't get a better product. I always have it stocked in case emergencies arrive

Vetafarm Neocare Hand Rearing Food

Excellent, my cockatiel has benefited greatly from this. Advice from my vet - ensure that it is the right temperature and ur little mate will thrive.

Vetafarm Neocare Hand Rearing Food

Started to feed 2 day old cockatoo with sparks electrovet (all I had on hand) for 2 days, then on to neocare parrot hand rearing mix. E T has not had any of the usual problems, and is very healthy. It is easy to mix, easy to feed. I would recommend it , even for beginners. Thanks.