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Yours Droolly Urine Neutralising Training Pads

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Whether leaving your little watchdog 'in charge' while at work, or trying to crate him to the vet, your wee one will likely…wee, from time to time. Or you may even have an older dog who can't hold it in, sometimes. No worries, training pads can lick those problems, spot-on.

Yours Droolly Training Pads are not only leak-proof, but can absorb wetness in just 31 seconds (cue nice, dry flooring, rejoicing in background).

Yours Droolly Urine Neutralising Training Pads will keep the urine odour out, and freshness in. Smell good to you?


* Super absorbent: Tested to hold 650mL urine & 1350mL water.

* 5 layer interlocking design: Upper layers funnel and trap liquid. SAP core rapidly absorbs liquid.

* Surface area (Punch SAP) creates absorbency. 5g SAP. Super fast absorbency eliminates tracking.

* Sticky tabs on corners: Holds the pad in place. Glue better quality than current.

* Non toxic: Tear resistant, should a dog destroy the pad.

* Antibacterial material: Reduces bacteria formation on soiled pad.

* Odour control: Specially designed to neutralize pet urine odours.

* Measures 60x60cm

So, you know Yours Droolly training pads inside and out (but don't say "out" too loud – you know how worked up Rover gets). Now, which ones to buy?

If it's first-time puppy poo-poo training, or even if you're traveling with your Irish-Jet-Setters, Yours Droolly trial packs will do the trick. Or, if you do accidentally mutter, "out," and Rover lets his excitement leak, our bulk packs will make sure you're always prepared. Hot dog!

PACK SIZE: 28pack

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