4CYTE Canine Joint Treatment for Dogs

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4CYTE Canine is a unique advancement in joint health containing Epiitalis a plant oil extract patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells for cartilage regeneration. With the launch of 4CYTE Canine by Interpath there is now an oral nutraceutical joint supplement that is backed by world-class research and development, including peer-reviewed papers, world conference proceedings and ongoing post-doctorate research. 4CYTE Canine brings confidence to a new class of natural veterinary products. Use after joint damage or surgery, or even better, have the forsight to use it as a prophylactic in high-risk large breeds, working or athletic dogs. 4CYTE Canine is a premium joint treatment given daily to: * Address symptoms such as stiffness, lack of willingness to jump, run or play. * Support joint conditions in conjunction with prescription pain treatments. * Support healing after a joint injury or operation. * Improve and maintain healthy joints at any stage of life. * Boost the body's ability to meet performance and recuperation demands in athletic and working dogs. * Target the cause not just the symptoms. 4CYTE Canine: * Safe to take long term * Comes in palatable granules * Can be taken with other medications Ingredients: Epiitalis Abalone New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Marine Cartilage SIZES: 50g; 100g; 10X10g sachets
DOSE RATES: 1 scoop = 0.4g Loading Dose - applied for the first 4 weeks of use. 1-5kg = 1 scoop per day 6-10kg = 2 scoops per day 11-20kg = 4 scoops per day 21-30kg = 6 scoops per day 31kg+ = 8 scoops per day Maintenance Dose - given after the first 4 weeks of giving the Loading Dose 1-5kg = 1/2 a scoop per day 6-10kg = 1 scoop per day 11-20kg = 2 scoops per day 21-30kg = 3 scoops per day 31kg+ = 4 scoops per day

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews


Excellent product


From Sydney

Our 14 year old Kelpie Staffy x has had two cruciate replacements but still loves being active regardless of becoming stiff after exercise. After only one month using 4 cyte we could clearly see an improvement in mobility and she was a much happier dog all round. It made us realize how much pain she was putting up with !! Thank you so much 4 cyte Biddy is very happy .

The best!


From Perth

This is the best stuff on the market for arthritis and if your dog has sore joints. It has made a huge difference to our dog and she has a spring in her step once more. I cannot recommend it enough!

I would buy this product again


From Mount Waverley Vic Australia

I really do believe this product has helped my 10 year old maremma dog who has cruciate related arthritis issues.

Excellent product

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From Australia

Have tried most products to try to get relief for my little Bichon Frise. Was told about 4cyte by a vet friend of mine and it was the best tip that he has given me. My little bichon is still slow (it cant make him young again) but he no longer limps, he has even been known to break in to a short run - something that would never have happened before 4cyte.

I will buy this product again

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From Perth. WA

I can see a difference in her movements, not so stiff. Prompt service and delivery.

Very impressed


From Western Australia

Loved the easy ordering and quick delivery, thx will use again

I wouldn't like to see how my dog went without 4CYTE

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From Brisbane, QLD

My two year American Bull Dog has hip dysplasia and along with other 'over the counter' medications we give her 4CYTE which was recommended by our vet. We think it certainly helps her cope with any pain that she feels. She loves her walks and games with the ball which show it must be doing her some good.

New life


From Burpengary, Qld

At 9 years old, my Rottweiler's joints were stiff, he didn't move around much and whimpered standing up and laying down. I've been giving this to him for 8 months now and he bounces around like a 4 year old. It's wonderful to see how much happier he is.

Great product

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From Australia

Jess had ligament surgery and was struggling through recovery. The vet recommended this product to help with the existing injury but also as a preventative treatment. Jess is now running freely and rarely shows signs of her old injury. I will continue to use the product throughout her lifetime.

Right Price for the Right Product

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From Ipswich Queensland Australia

When we were told our 14 1/2 year old lab needed 4cyte we were only too happy to give him something to ease his pain, but in the back of our minds was 'How much is this going to cost?". How happy were we when we found 4cyte on your website nearly 40% cheaper than the vets. Our old boy is moving a lot better and happy and so are we.