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F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Wendy S. (Galston, AU)

great product would like the instructions to be a bit easier to see

Mandy H. (Doncaster, AU)
Great Product

I love F10. I can use it on all surfaces and it's the only disinfectant of this grade that I can use without irritating my eyes or hands. It put a quick stop to the mite outbreak I was having with my guinea pigs and my vet said I could even use it on their wooden house without a problem. I also use it to disinfect the tools I use when doing my own nails. I highly recommend it to anyone with pets.

Day (Brisbane, AU)
Great stuff

Very useful for disinfecting almost all types of microbes. Discovered this when I adopted kittens with ringworm and used it to disinfect the area they were quarentined in. Had lots of left over so now use it for disinfecting drinking containers for my chickens (as suggested by an avian vet) through to disinfecting the toilet bowl.

Tegan S. (Stafford Heights, AU)
F10 Fabulous

Great product, love the fact you can use it at different strengths for different applications.

misleading information

From the data on this would think this product is harmless and non-toxic. Please read the precautions on the label and handle with care. This products label states that it is corrosive, can cause irreversible eye damage, harmful if swallowed and advises users to wear goggles, face shield, of safety glasses when using...