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Anarchy Reptile Calcium Powder + Vitamin D3 150g

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Anarchy Reptile Calcium Powder with D3 is a healthy, natural and easy way to supplement your reptile's diet with the much needed calcium they require.

Calcium is vital for bone growth and strength, muscle function and metabolism. Calcium Powder Plus D3 is also fortified with added Vitamin D3.


Add 1/2 Tablespoon (9g) per 500g of food.

Can be mixed with fruit, vegetables and pastes, or placed in a plastic bag with Crickets, Meal Worms and thawed frozen rodents and shaken to coat before feeding to reptiles.

A major dietary problem in captive reptiles is calcium deficiency.

Adding Calcium Powder Plus with added D3 to your reptile's food assists the absorption of Calcium, and helps maintain the Calcium : Phosphorus balance essential for good health.

SIZE: 150g

Anarchy Reptile range is proudly manufactured in Australia from safe, quality ingredients to ensure the products are of the highest standard.

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