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Black Dog Wear Sighthound Collar

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Black Dog Wear designed and manufactures the Official Collar for the Victorian Greyhound Adoption Program and they've used this experience to produce the Sighthound Collar (for Greyhounds, Afghans, Saluki, Borzoi, etc).

Because the head size of most of these breeds is smaller than their neck, keeping a collar securely fitted can pose problems. This design will tighten if a dog tries to slip its collar, while the extra thick webbing and tapered throat pad ensures that your dog's neck and soft hair are protected and supported.

While this collar is designed specifically for Sighthounds, it may also be used on many soft haired breeds such as Vizslas, GSP's, or Dobermans, as long as the collar is large enough to be fitted over the dog's head.

One size only. Fits 36 to 46cm Neck Size.
50mm wide Neck Pad, tapered at each end,

Please Note: Sighthound Collars are not available in Apple Green.
This is due to a commitment to the Greyhound Adoption Programs around Australia which use Apple Green as their official colour collar. GAP collars are only awarded to dogs who have successfully completed GAP retraining programs for retired racing greyhounds and are used by rangers to quickly identify these retrained greyhounds.
Black Dog Wear has undertaken not to produce Apple Green Sighthound and Whippet Collars to help maintain the integrity of these retraining and adoption programs.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah (Sydney, AU)
Love it

Excellent for greyhounds!!!!
Make sure it is tight enough though as our greyhound accidentally lost it when she must have done one of her big shakes.

Great service but also disappointed

I applaud vetnpet's fast service. Took only two days to get sent to me in Tingalpa. However I was quickly disappointed when I saw the colour of the collar. I thought bottled green would be a nice bright green, but it was a very dark murky looking green. Almost dirty looking. Had I known this was the case I would have got another bright cheerful colour such as blue or red, even though we wanted a green. Oh well. Will have to save up for another collar with a nice colour. The product itself is very strong and great for my greyhound.

great great collar

this is the best collar for greyhounds , it is also great in training and it is light weight but very strong

Marilyn (again)
Black Dog Collar - Sighthound

Decided to buy another one to put Ella's bling onto. Great service again. Thankyou.

Black Dog Collar - Sighthound

I was disapointed as I Ordered an Apple Green Collar and received a horrible Black Collar. I wanted a cheerfull light Colour. Beside this the actual Collar is fantastic for my Dog.