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Brute Insecticide for Horses 500ml

Brute Insecticide for Horses will give effective control of biting and nuisance flies when used as directed. The level and duration of control may be reduced due to high fly pressure or on working horses due to the effects of perspiration.

Application: Apply as a whole body wipe with the Brute Applicator Mitt when fly numbers exceed accecptable levels. For the first applicatin with the new applicator mitt, apply twice the dosage to charge the mitt. Pay special attention to where pests congregate including the face being careful not to get the product in the eyes.

For Sandflies: wipe neck, withers and around tail head.
For Buffalo Flies: wipe sides, shoulders and belly.
For Stable Flies: wipe legs, shoulders and belly.

Dose rate 3ml - 6ml per 100kg bodyweight up to a maximum of 30ml per animal.

Not for treating foals under 12 weeks of age.

Pack size: 500ml (applicator mitt included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
jade (Brisbane, AU)
Love it

Last about a week once applied

alicia moffitt

really good for keeping ticks off horses

Julie Ossel (Melbourne, AU)
Brute wipe on insecticide for horses 500ml

I have been using this product for a number of years, but the bottle I bought recently doesn't seem to be working as well.😩
I'm not sure if the active ingredients have changed or the mongrel flies and other bug critters have become immune or just more persistently annoying and sticky.🥺🦟😤😫

Brute Wipe On Insecticide for Horses 500ml

This is a great product and I have used it for a few years now. All the buffalo fly go as soon as you wipe it on.

Brute Wipe On Insecticide for Horses 500ml

Nothing works as well as Brute but I find I need to apply it more often than weekly for it to work. Also, with a big horse I go through a lot of it which makes it very expensive. Unless something cheaper comes on the market I will keep using it.