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Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble

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Customer Reviews

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Pup got a bit bored with this after a while. The screw top was also a bit loose.

Frankie (Engadine, AU)
Kibble Nibble

I bought this toy for my labradoodle for Christmas. I put his kibble in it every morning to keep him interested In breakfast. It works really well and does the job. he spends the morning chasing it around the kitchen!

Doodle M.
Great product for active dogs

The small size Buddy Kibble is perfect for my two 16kg Labradoodles. My girls are kept busy for at least 20 minutes pushing them all over our yard. I love how easy they are to fill and also that they don't dispense the food too quickly. My girls eat a small kibble (Hills Science small bites) which is a perfect size. You could make the dispensing hole larger if necessary, as it could be cut with scissors. Had to purchase another Buddy Kibble today as a local crow flew off with one of ours....very large crow as the small size really isn't that small either!! Totally worth getting another though. Definitely recommend this product.

Great toy and slow feeder

I tentatively bought the small for my Jack Russell cross who's a little on the larger side and definitely over 9kg, but it fits him perfectly and easily fits his half a cup of food with plenty of room left over. His kibble is pretty small so I barely trimmed the prongs, and it keeps him occupied for ages trying to get everything out, especially when it's down to the last few pieces. As I type this he's been trying to get his breakfast out for over half an hour, which makes it great both for dogs who gulp their food and owners who can't bear to have their dog looking pitifully at them while they prepare or eat their own food. I imagine it would also be great at keeping dogs occupied while their owners are away. The toy my dog used before the Kibble Nibble was the Kong Wobbler, which was much easier for him given the large hole, and much noisier too when he went banging into the walls and the furniture. You still get the rattling sound of the kibble in the toy with the Kibble Nibble, but the rubber bumpers make me much less worried about the state of the house. And being smaller, it's also easier for my dog to get it unstuck himself when pushes it into a corner or between two pieces of furniture. The Kibble Nibble is really easy to fill and clean -- either wash it by hand or stick it in the dishwasher -- and totally worth every dollar I paid for it. My dog's given up for now and is taking a nap, but I'm sure he'll be back at it later!

Sally E.
Our Labrador Puppy loves the Busy Buddy Kibble Feeder

Our Lab puppy gulps down his kibble from his bowl. The Busy Buddy slows down his consumption and he loves to push it around the yard waiting for treats to be dispensed. It keeps him busy for 15 mins or more. The ball lets him see the kibble, hear it turning and smell it.