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Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug

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The Tug-A-Jug treat dispensing dog toy
provides a multi-sensory appeal to keep your dog engaged and motivated to play. Its unique design allows dogs to see, smell and hear the treats as they roll around in the jug. The Tug-A-Jug not only dispenses treats, it can used for obedience training and feeding meals. Treats and dry food dispense as the toy is tipped, tugged and rolled.

Product Features:

* The ideal multi-sensory toy as your dog sees, hears and smells the treats as they rolls around.

* Durable rope and rubber screw top.

* Training tips included inside the toy which unscrews to load fresh treats and to clean.

* Available in 3 sizes.


Extra Small:
for dogs over 4.5 kg

for dogs weighing from 4.5 kg to 18 kg

Medium / Large:
for dogs over 18 kgs

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Troy Patti (Brisbane, AU)

The rope got in the way and made it a little hard to get biscuits out. I just cut it and left one knot inside and it works a treat. Would recommend this for any pup or adult dog that enjoys a challenge. Mine loves feed time now.

Erin (Baulkham Hills, AU)

My Labrador LOVES this toy! Keeps him occupied for at least an hour I just put a scoop of his normal kibble inside and acts as his 'lunch' while I'm at work. My dog doesn't seem to be stimulated by the Kong toys where you can't see the treats so the fact he can hear, see and smell the kibble rolling around inside is irresistible to him.
I would definitely recommend this product.

Marion Davey (Para Hills West, AU)
Happy dog [and owner]

Purdey's new Tug-a-Jug is a replacement for her old one that she has loved with a passion for several years. It is her favourite 'toy' and she regularly finds where I have hidden it, brings it to me and looks so sad that I have to put biscuits in it. She then happily carries it off and spends far too little time extracting the biscuits! It is also great obedience training as she knows 'fetch' and 'give' because I practised first with her jug and now happily retrieves her dumbbell.

It is the best 'toy' that I have ever come across.

Tough & Entertaining

We bought the large one for our Border Collie when she was a pup, as the smaller ones weren't available at the time and we were recommended to get the larger one for her to "grow into". The only complaint I have with this is that my dog gets carried away and swings it around wildly! As it is made of hard plastic, I have bruises on my shins and a bit of corner plaster damage from her flinging it about. Consequently, we have relegated it to outdoors; however, that isn't where she needs the entertainment most.