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Cal-Plus with Biotin for Horses

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10% of horses in training have broken away feet. Scientific studies have shown that Biotin, fed in conjunction with calcium promotes hoof wall and sole growth and strengthens weak shelly hooves.

In CAL-PLUS with BIOTIN, Vetsearch has combined the bone-building calcium, trace minerals and vitamin co-factors found in traditional CAL-PLUS, with the B-Complex vitamin BIOTIN, to assist horses with brittle, cracked, shelly or broken hooves.

Beneficial for:

  • Brittle, cracked or shelly hooves.
  • White crumbly hooves.
  • Slow growing hooves.
  • Maintaining bone strength and density.

Why use Cal-Plus with Biotin?

  • Works on the inside and the outside of the hoof to improve hoof condition while maintaining strong bone, joint and muscle structures.
  • A hoof and bone food in one supplement!

Each 60g dose contains:
- Calcium 20.1g
- Phosphorus 2.5g
- Magnesium 300mg
- Ammonium Chloride 300mg
- Biotin 15mg
- Vitamin A 5400ug
- Vitamin D3 300ug
Trace minerals
- Zinc 96mg
- Manganese 37mg
- Iron 66mg


A daily intake of Cal-plus with Biotin will help ensure the development and maintenance of a strong and sound musculo-skeletal system, including the hoof. Horses on high grain/bran diets, or those grazing tropical pastures, should receive the recommended dose of Cal-plus with Biotin each day to help ensure an optimum calcium:phosphorus ration to maintain strong healthy bones, ligaments and tendons.

DOSAGE Note: It is preferable not to mix any calcium into wet bran mixtures. One level scoop contains 30g of Cal-plus with Biotin. The recemmended dose rates have been calculated to satisfy the calcium requirements based on common diets and activity. However, a veterinarian may prescribe amounts in excess of those recommended to horses with skeletal or hoof abnormalities. Horses with poor hooves should receive adequate levels of protein in their diets to provide essential amino acids, which in conjunction with a daily intake of Cal-plus with Biotin will assist in improving hoof structure.

CAL-PLUS with BIOTIN is a vanilla flavoured powder and is available in 1.2kg, 5kg and 12.5kg buckets.

Customer Reviews

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Cal-Plus with Biotin

Excellent Service and very prompt delivery- I had the product within a couple of days- and this has been the same consistent service as in the past.

Definitely reccomend!!

Love this supplement for my very fussy horse, bought the 5kg tub and it was awesome value for money compared to other similar supplements. Best aspect had to be that it didn't require 'hiding' in feed to get them to eat it :D

Cal-Plus Plus Biotin

Recommended by one of the best-known racehorse trainers, who knows how to grow out youngsters. I have used it for two crops of weanlings/yearlings, and it appears to contribute to development of strong bone with no weaknesses or problems.