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Canny Collar

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What is the Canny Collar?

The Canny Collar is an innovative dog training collar designed to stop your dog from pulling on the lead and make walking your dog a pleasure. Comfortable, kind, safe and effective, its revolutionary 'behind-the-head' design makes it easy to fit and simple to use, transforming even the worst pullers into happy, well-behaved pets.

Unlike a head collar, the Canny Collar is made up of a conventional collar with a slip line that fits over your dog's nose. The lead attaches behind your dog's head rather than under his chin.

The Canny Collar works by a simple 'pressure and release' system. When your dog is pulling on the lead, gentle pressure is applied to the bridge of his nose and mouth. As soon as your dog stops pulling, the pressure is released, providing positive reinforcement and reward for good behaviour. He quickly realises that by walking at your side and not pulling on the lead, both of you can enjoy your walk without either one of you choking or panting!

Is the Canny Collar Cruel?

No. Due to its unique design, there is no tightening at the neck and the slip line will not ride up into your dog's eyes or restrict his mouth, allowing him to eat, drink and pant freely. The Canny Collar can easily be used to train your dog to walk on a standard collar. Once your dog is accustomed to the Canny Collar, simply drop the slip line off his nose for short periods of time and see how he progresses!

Only gentle pressure is required when using the Canny Collar.

If you're looking for an easy solution to your dog pulling problems, look no further than the Canny Collar. You'll be in good company. Since the Canny Collar was launched, more than a quarter of a million dog owners worldwide have discovered the simple pleasure of walking their dogs on a loose lead. Join them today and make training your dog easy!

What size Canny Collar do I need?

Ensure you purchase the correct size for your dog. A snug fit is essential to ensure it cannot come off. To ensure your Canny Collar fits accurately and for safe and effective dog walking, take a tape and measure around your dog's neck snugly, to just behind the ears. Then, choose the correct size Canny Collar for your dog using the following measurements:

Canny Collar Sizes

NECK 23-28cm -  SIZE 1

NECK 28-33cm -  SIZE 2

NECK 33-38cm -  SIZE 3

NECK 38-43cm -  SIZE 4

NECK 43-48cm -  SIZE 5

NECK 48-53cm -  SIZE 6

NECK 53-58cm -  SIZE 7

NECK 58-69cm - Colossus

COLOUR: Black only

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jennifer (Riverton, AU)
Canny collars

As a foster carer for the Greyhound Adoption Program in South Australia I often get fairly large fairly strong hounds that need to learn lead manners fairly quickly. I found Canny collars a couple of years ago and they were a dream come true! They are easy to fit, they dont spook the hounds, they give me a level of control well above any other device I've tried and the majority of hounds learn to walk calmly on a loose lead whilst wearing it in about 4 weeks, and then progress to calm, loose lead walking without the Canny collar. I recently adopted a really big boy hound with very long legs, he is a delightful fellow but inclined to be very strong on the lead. The Canny Collar gave him the ability to walk calmly at my pace and we both enjoy our walks a lot more. I continue to use it( although his on lead manners have improved a lot) as he's such a strong boy I doubt that I'd be able to control him without the collar if a Kangaroo appeared. Having surrendered the foster collar to him I needed to purchase another one for the next headstrong boy hound and turned immediately to Pet and Vet direct, the almost impossible to walk hound has responded to it so well I was able to walk him without it two weeks after first using it on him.

Caroline Smith (Perth, AU)
I Like, Dog Doesn't

I am a fan of the Canny Collar having used it successfully on my previous dog. My new puppy hates it so far and struggles to remove it when I put it on him. Hopefully in time he will get used to it,

Julie Arnott (West Lakes Shore, AU)
Absolutely fantastic

Our Piccolo was an absolute nightmare to walk. he even pulled my husband over in the street and coming home bruised and bloody threatened rather dire consequences. Saved by a trip to the hardware store, where we met two hearing guide dog trainers with two puppies behaving like little angels. It transpires that the dear shelter dogs were wearing this miracle of "Canny" collars and with the website details we nearly ran out of the store to come home and order one. The downside was the anticipation of waiting for the delivery so we could put it in action. What a transformation. Our darling Piccolo is a darling to walk, a bit skittish to start and then proceeds to trot next to us like a show dog. We could not recommend this "Canny" collar more highly.

Katrine Kelly (Elsternwick, AU)

Have tried other collars - my dog accepted this one well and walks well too!

Chrissy Lang (North Lakes, AU)
Canny Collar

"Canny" is the perfect description for this collar! This very clever design ensures that you can gently and safely control any dog that likes to pull on the leash while out walking. Some over-the-nose collars connect to the leash under the chin, which in effect pulls the dog's head to the side. This collar, on the other hand, connects to the leash behind the head, ensuring a much safer point of control.