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CLEAR Dog Treats Shark Skin Dental Chews

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Shark Skin Dental Chews dog treats are natural and healthy pet treats, made from only Australian shark, meaning there are no additives or preservatives which can be harmful for your pets. They are surprisingly tough and chewy, so should keep your pooch entertained. Chewing on these treats will also help remove tartar from your dog’s teeth and maintain healthy gums. They are ideal for dogs of all sizes though we recommend the shark skin strips dog treats  for smaller dogs.

They are also rich in nutrients, such as protein, and omega 3, benefiting all parts of your dog, including the joints, skin, and muscle development.

All of the CLEAR Dog Treats shark products are derived from either North Queensland Blacktip Sharks or Australian Gummy Sharks. They are both highly common sharks in Australia and are caught using sustainable practices in accordance with the Australian Fisheries Regulations.

No endangered sharks are used in CLEAR Dog products. The sharks used are deemed “Least Concern” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Please also note that these fish are primarily caught for human consumption, often referred to as flake in fish and chip shops and CLEAR Dog mainly use the non human consumption left overs which would otherwise be discarded. Nothing is wasted. CLEAR Dog do not catch endangered sharks to use just their fins, tails or skin for dog products! Only the left overs of common sustainably fished Australian shark used for human consumption.


100% North Queensland Black Tip Shark or Australian Gummy shark skin. This shark is caught using sustainable practices with quota’s strictly managed by the Australian Fisheries.

Product of Australia: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Shark

Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, added sugar, or anything else!

PACK SIZES:  150g;  300g;  1kg


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not just for the ordinary (Brisbane, AU)

Bought these as teeth cleaners. It's wonderful! My dog usually chews with just her front teeth (not good!). But with these, she gets them right into the back teeth, and you can hear the shark skin polishing her teeth. You can really see the difference too.

These are also nice and large. I have a mini foxy, and cut them into three (with dedicated secateurs) and they still give her ages of chewing time.

The smell others refer to. It's very fishy, smells an awful lot like a fish market. (Fresh, definitely not rotting). I personally like that smell, so it doesn't bother me in the slightest. But when I open the packet my husband immediately bans us to the other room. The smell also doesn't linger. Once the treat is eaten, the smell goes away too.

The photos are actually good representations of the product. There is enough meat left on the skin to keep my dog interested. She finishes every morsel. It's also a lot harder than it seems. I am hard pressed cutting into them with the secateurs. And they last my mini quite a while.

I also love that these are Australian made and have nothing added. So I have no qualms giving them to my Mischief.

Definitely will be buying this again. Great product.

Matthew O'Doherty (Brisbane, AU)
My dogs love these

Thought I'd give these a try for my 3 boys. They were a bit unsure at first cos, let's face it they don't smell great!!! But they love them!!! Will need to order more soon.

oh yes they are a bit stinky!! But agree - our doggos love them too!

Ricki Moore (Cowra, AU)
My GSD loves these!

I bought these to try on my GSD. OMG! She absolutely loves them! They do smell really bad so make sure you feed them outside and keep the bag sealed if storing inside. Smell aside though I will be buying these again as she loves them so much!

Treena Hargreaves (Helensvale, AU)
My Girl Loves These Treats!!!

My girl gets so excited for these treats. Be warned though don’t give your babies these treats inside, they smell strongly!!!! They keep her busy for some time. Highly Recommended!