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Combur 9 Urine Test Strips (50 pack)

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Combur9 Strip Test is a dry chemistry test for the early and reliable detection of kidney diseases, diabetes and urinary tract infection (UTI)

Product Characteristics:
  • Efficient analysis with a consistent reading time of 60 seconds for all parameters
  • Applied nylon mesh ensures uniform penetration of the urine and uniform color development
  • Separate diazonium salt mesh improves reagent stability and color differentiation in the leukocytes test
  • Virtually eliminates vitamin C interference on the glucose and blood pads

Combur - 9 Test (50 Strips in a bottle)

Used for 9 testings:
  • Blood
  • Leucocytes
  • Urobilinogen
  • Bilirubin
  • Nitrite
  • Glucose
  • Protein
  • Ketones
  • P.H

A quality choice for professional use, the Combur-Test® strip offers benefits in a number of areas:

Accuracy: Detects even low concentrations of glucose and erythrocytes/hemoglobin (5 – 10 Ery/mL) in the presence of vitamin C

Efficiency: Eliminates retesting and false-negative results in glucose and blood even under high levels of ascorbic acid (up to 400 mg/L) with the application of an iodate-impregnated mesh layer


- Unique sealing technology means no interference from glued components

- Absorbent paper stops test area colours running

- Colour compensation pad reduces risk of false results from strong intrinsic urine coloration* (* Only for instrument tests)

- Safe and hygienic strip handling - strips face downwards so your fingers stay clear of the specimen


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