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Cophos B Injection or Paste

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Phosphorus and Vitamin B12 supplement to buffer lactic acid and promote muscle function.

CopHos B Injection and Paste : Ethanolamine Phosphate 100 mg/mL, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 50 ug/mL

Vitamin B12 supplement and readily available phosphate for muscular function and body buffer systems.

To improve muscular efficiency and endurance during training. To support hard work, tolerance of racing stress and recovery from illness, particularly viral infections. As a therapy adjunct for macrocytic anaemias.

Dosage and Administration
CopHos B Injection - Administer intramuscularly twice weekly, or as directed by a veterinary surgeon.
Horses : 1 mL/15 kg bodyweight (30 mL/450 kg)
Dogs : 1 mL/15 kg bodyweight

CopHos B Paste - Administer two to three
COPHOS B may be administered daily.
Horses 10 mL.
Dogs 0.5 - 1 mL/10 kg, by oral administration.

Available in a 100ml multi-dose vial for injection or as a 30ml paste syringe
Or a 250ml new easy to use bag.
Less waste, less mess. Screw in syringe allows for accurate dosing.  Less risk of contamination. Space saving, hang in your treatment cupboard.

Meat Withholding Period : Do not use in horses that may be slaughtered for human consumption.

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Thanks again for prompt shipping and quality products!

Catherine (Hazelbrook, AU)
Great Product

nice and easy to administer, especially for horses who do not like the injectable option.

Cophos B Injection or Paste

Great product very happy got through to New Zealand tankyou very much.