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Medication Needles (Crop Needles)

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Stainless steel needles with rounded ball tip for use in administering fluids and food to animals. Luer lock fittings suitable for most commonly used syringes.

Cleaning: Wash in hot soapy water, rinse well and store dry.

Sizes Available
  • 8 Gauge:  Length/ Internal Diameter- 150mm/4mm or 100mm/4mm
  • 10 Gauge: Length/ Internal Diameter- 100mm/3mm
  • 12 Gauge: Length/ Internal Diameter- 100mm/2.5mm
  • 14 Gauge: Length/ Internal Diameter- 90mm/2.0mm
  • 16 Gauge: Length/ Internal Diameter- 90mm/1.5mm
  • 18 Gauge: Length/ Internal Diameter- 60mm/0.6mm

For more Information on choosing the right size crop needle please visit the vet-n-pet DIRECT Help Centre here.

For more information on how to use a crop needle for administering medication or feeding please visit the vet-n-pet DIRECT Help Centre here.

Customer Reviews

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Maree Caplin (Burra, AU)
Crop Needles

I was attempting to safe a baby Galah and only had a small needle. Every feed was risky. I couldn't buy a crop needle from any of the vets or pet shops nobody had any. I found this site and ordered hoping that it would arrive quickly. Mail is very slow out here. It arrived very quickly and saved the day. The speed of the delivery surprised me. Great service I will shop here again