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Equimax LV Horse Wormer 7.49g

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Oral broad spectrum control agent for horses in a low volume paste presentation. For treatment and control of all equine parasites including tapeworms and bots.

Active Constituents
Ivermectin 18.7 mg/g; Praziquantel 140mg/g

Up to 100% effective against:
- Tapeworms
- Large Strongyles
- Small Strongyles
- Pinworms
- Ascarids
- Hairworms
- Large Mouth Stomach Worms
- Neck Threadworms
- Bots
- Lungworms
- lntestinal Threadworms
- Summer Sores

Control of skin lesions caused by Habronema and Draschia spp. cutaneous larvae (summer sores), and Onchocerca spp. microfilariae (cutaneous onchocerciasis).

One 6.42 g adjustable multidose syringe will treat a horse up to 600kg.

The syringe was developed by Virbac to provide horse owners with a delivery system that is more accurate and more efficient and ergonomically designed for ease of use.

It's many special features include;
- Robust, lockable dose adjuster.
- Clear, large print dosing scale on both sides for right and left-handed use.
- Plunger marked in 50kg graduations for more accurate assessment of dose.
- Curved finger grip and plunger for surer handling.
- Shorter body suits even the smallest hands.
- Large wing-cap for quick, single-handed removal.

Directions for Use
- Equimax® Ivermectin LV Oral Paste For Horses should be delivered direct into the horses mouth.
- Choose the right graduation.
- Check that the horse's mouth is empty.
- Insert the nozzle of the syringe into the side of the horse's mouth in the gap between the front and back teeth (interdental space).
- Push the contents of the syringe directly on the back of the tongue (posterior part of the tongue).
- Raise the horse's head immediately for a few seconds to make sure that the horse swallows the paste.

Dosage Guide
1mL/ 100kg of bodyweight is the recommended dose rate. The first division delivers enough paste to treat 100 kg. Each subsequent syringe division delivers enough paste to treat 50 kg of bodyweight. The syringe delivers sufficient paste to treat 600 kg of bodyweight at the recommended dose rate.

Customer Reviews

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Wendy Dickson (Perth, AU)
Works for us

Equimax LV really does work well. My order arrived on time too, so I have not complaints.


Very good love using it

Swift and efficient - lets get rid of plastic packaging

Be good to get rid of all plastic packaging :) Biome, a product company does it really well if you need ideas how to implement

Thanks for the feedback Karen. We do strive to limit our use of plastic packaging but always welcome suggestions for ways to improve. It's a challenge, but one that we have been steadily chipping away at. The majority of plastic void fill/bubble wrap we use is recycled (ie it was sent to us as packaging in goods we received), otherwise we use paper void fill. We recycle as many cardboard cartons as we can, we use paper bags for customer collect orders. Sadly we still need to bag any liquids we send and we are currently investigating biodegradable options to the poly mailing satchels we use for some orders also. Absolutely love this feedback though as it justifies our direction and also shows our staff that our customers really do care and take notice :) Thanks again!

One of the best

This is a great wormer. I use this one once out of every three doses, and it's a great quality product with a broad spectrum that compliments my regime. This is one of the best mid range dewormers you can get!


great product , great price, great service