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KER Hemabuild

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Horses under the stresses of hard work, racing, competition and travel may suffer from suppression of red blood cell synthesis, together with reduced life span of red cells, or increased losses due to bleeding. HEMABUILD is formulated for use in horses under the rigors of heavy training, racing, or competition. It is recommended for use in the prevention of anaemia by promoting the synthesis of red blood cells and the maintenance of normal blood profiles.

HEMABUILD can be used as a tonic to help horses recover from illness, travel, competition or racing. Many performance horses suffer reduced appetite, and the high levels of B vitamins in HEMABUILD can help get the horse “cleaning up."HEMABUILD is a palatable and concentrated supplement allowing easy administration. HEMABUILD's formulation also helps to darken and deepen coat colour in show and sale horses.

As an iron supplement.
As a B vitamin supplement.
When blood counts are low.
For horses "flat" or "off their feed."
Prior to and after travel.
Prior to and after fast work.
For a few days pre and post race/competition.
To darken coats.
In saline drenches with EQUIVIT RESTORE electrolyte.
Instead of injectable iron and vitamins.
HEMABUILD is a soluble powder, which can be given in feed, dissolved into a saline drench with EQUIVIT RESTORE or given by syringe mixed with water, apple sauce or yoghurt into the horse's mouth. Give 15g daily as required. HEMABUILD may be given for 3 days prior to and after a race/competition and travelling. To darken coats, feed 15g daily for up to 20 days or until the desired colour is achieved. Caution is advised when feeding to darken the coats of palominos.

1 Scoop = 15g SIZES: 450g; 1.5kg; 4kg

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Claire Geri
Equivit Hemabuild

Great product, really helped darken the coat on my horse and helped reduce fatigue whilst in work and travelling to and from shows.