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PERFORM is a very concentrated vitamin and trace mineral supplement for performance horses, to supplement diets where levels may be low, and to provide nutritional support for peak performance. Performance horses need higher intakes of vitamins and trace minerals than maintenance or pleasure horses to supply increased requirements and for efficient energy metabolism. PERFORM supplies the supplementary trace mineral and vitamin requirements of the elite equine athlete, including high levels of iron, copper, selenium and vitamin E.
PERFORM supplies the daily dose in one 30g scoop. The low dose formula means less sifting and greater acceptance when mixed into feed. PERFORM contains organic chromium and concentrated antioxidants plus B-vitamins and chelated minerals to reduce the need for additional daily supplements.
To supplement trace minerals and vitamins to home grain mix diets.
To top up trace mineral and vitamin intakes when premixed feeds are used below recommended levels.
As a chromium supplement.
As a B vitamin supplement.
As a chelated mineral supplement.
As an antioxidant supplement.
Feed 30g to performance horses daily. Feed 20g to ponies. Mix well with feed. Additional electrolytes from RESTORE and calcium/phosphorus supplementation from EQUIVIT BONE FOOD may be required in some hard working horses. Strategic support can be given around competition time using a combination of RESTORE, PRESERVE and HEMABUILD for 3 days prior to and after competition or racing.
1 heaped scoop =30g SIZES: 10kg

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Equivit Perform

Easy to use. Only small amount required to add to feed so no wastage.