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EzyDog Fido Flyer

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A must have, fun toy for the outdoors for you and your dog! The EzyDog Fido Flyer flies though the air like a frisbee and floats in the water. The Flyer features a lightweight compact design and is
manufactured from heavy duty 840 denier nylon which is reinforced with a nylon webbing ring.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a VERY durable retrieval toy. THIS IS NOT A CHEW TOY! For supervised fetch games, you will get miles of fun out of this item.

SIZE: Large only (Approx. 25cm diameter)


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carol (Sydney, AU)
Best frisbee ever…

We’ve tried heaps of different frisbees, but this is the one always chosen for frisbee time. It floats, it flies, it hangs in the air a long time, it rolls and it fits two pairs of fangs for the return trip. It does go away after play time, I don’t leave it out to be fanged as the laminated fabric construction doesn’t handle being chewed, but it is the favourite outside play toy of both my 🐩 🐩.

Linda (Tottenham, AU)
Lightweight frisbee

Our Golden puppy loves this ezydog frisbee. It is durable and easier to pick up and catch than a regular plastic frisbee. Also great when going out or on the road due to lightweight and flexible make

Tuyen Kieu (Woodville North, AU)
Great frisbee

I have bought so many frisbee and this is definitely one of the best. It floats, so is great for the beach, and is light weight and durable.

Asha & Sam
my dog loves this

my dog (ridgeback 3 year old) absolutely loves this toy - it is safe, great to play one on one with your dog or a few dogs. They can tug of war with it. My dog has picked apart the material filling inside the ring & carries it with it flipped over her snout/head so she can where she is going. The hard ring is still intact despite being used daily & under difficult conditions. And miraculously it still flies. I chose this toy as it floats, wont splinter (hurt my dog) & isnt solid. Because my dog loves it so much & has thoroughly damaged it (but still works), I bought a second as a spare (still unused). The original flyer has lasted almost 2 years & is still going!

Dog tastic

Perfect for keeping fit and to tire the dog out