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Fido's Emu Oil Shampoo

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Fido's Emu Oil Shampoo is a luxurious, soap free shampoo containing Emu Oil. Adds gloss and shine to the coat.

Contains Australian Emu Oil, silicone, surfactants, conditioners.

Ideal for all coats and skin types. Formulated to be particularly suitable for use with flea treatment products.

Directions for use:
Thoroughly wet the pet all over and pour on at least 20mL along the backline of the animal. Work up into a good lather over the entire body. Ideally leave for 5 minutes before rinsing off and drying thoroughly. Use as often as required.

VOLUME: 250mL, 1L, 5L

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Catherine burns (Townsville, AU)
Fido’s emu oil shampoo is fantastic

Product is fantastic makes washing my dog easy and leaves the coat soft and smelling very fresh and clean

Csharp (Nerang, AU)
Best pet shampoo I've ever used

This pet shampoo is soap-free, cleans well, and leaves my dog's coat so soft for weeks, like no other. I highly recommend this product.

Mad basset lady
I will buy this product again

I will continue to buy this product. It leaves the clean and shiny. The girls go every 4 weeks for their bath's and their coat is still nice and soft.

Fantastic for removing excrement-stains and putrid smells!

Hands down the best shampoo I have ever used! Have been using it for years! I have two terrier-terrors (one of them mostly white) who love to roll in all sorts of excrements and dead things. With only one thorough wash, this shampoo gets rid of the putrid-festy smells and all stains, even on my white one! And even if coming home from the paddocks he's a green-brown colour ..... Even dead fish and dead kangaroo stenches are easy to wash out, and the dog ends up bright white and smelling nice vanilla-emu-y. It's soap-free, so regardless of how frequently I have to wash them (even if it's several times a week!), this shampoo does not cause irritation and leaves the coat nicely soft and shiny. Only needs a wee bit to lather the entire dog in bubbly foam and it's easy to rinse out. The only downside: It even softens rough coats - so for people showing broken-coated or rough coated dogs this might not be a good choice. Personally: I don't mind my rough coated terriers being softer and plushier than they are supposed to be. :D I like mine soft, plushy, sparkly white and smelling nice. :D *all thumbs up* Don't intend to ever use a different shampoo! It is so easy to rinse out, I keep a small bottle in the car - to be able to give them a quick wash-on-the-go in the river or under a hose. (to not be trapped with sickening stench in the car) Still, make sure to rinse out thoroughly. :p

mad basset lady
I always buy this shampoo

The girls get bathed every 4 weeks. Their coats are shiny and clean and stay that way until their next bath.