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Tetra FreshDelica Bloodworms Natural Snack 48g

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Tetra FreshDelica Bloodworms are gel food treats - for healthy feeding fun and a natural, varied diet for all ornamental fish.

Tetra FreshDelica gel food is the perfect snack for in between meals as it ensures a lot of interaction and feeding fun with the fishes. As well as being a healthy natural food for all ornamental fish, this nutrient-rich gel also encourages a whole new type of interaction with the fish: The gel can be easily and accurately dispensed thanks to the handy tubes and sachets and the worm-like appearance in the water imitates natural circumstances. The natural varieties are readily accepted and eagerly eaten by the fish.

The sterile, germ-free packaging
ensures that the food remains fresh for a long time.

Tetra FreshDelica can be kept for three years without refrigeration and makes an ideal dietary supplement to the TetraMin staple food.

* Contains natural aquatic animals in a gel food packed with vitamins and nutrients. Patented*

* For healthy feeding fun and interaction with the fish

* Has a fresh and natural taste to maximise acceptance

* Practical gel food enables targeted feeding

* Sterile, germ-free packaging

* Contains up to twice as many nutrients as frozen food

* Can be kept for three years, even without refrigeration

* Available in four varieties: Red Bloodworms, Brine Shrimps, Krill and Daphnia

SIZE: 48g (16 x 3g)

Customer Reviews

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Maureen Edmonds (Marrickville, AU)
Variety diet

For variety my goldfish love the worms. Need to disperse evenly or one fish will get a large clump. Eaten very quickly no debris left in the tank.