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Funcol Elizabethan E Collar

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The Funcol E-collar attaches to the animal's collar. It effectively provides a barrier to the treatment area and protects the head, abdomen and legs.

Made of transparent polypropylene with coloured paw prints, this elizabethan collar features a quick fastening system secured with double back tabs and separate fastenings on the collar. It has a
wavy outer edge and engraved anti-scratch lines.

The Funcol E-collar comes in assorted colours and is colour-coded according to size.


Customer Reviews

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Mira Ajvaz (Dandenong, AU)
highly recommended

After desexing our cat, we needed a collar that would prevent him licking the wound. The first one we were given was made of four blue pieces of plastic 'fabric' sewn together, with a white narrow cotton tape around the smaller circumference. It was quite narrow and not easy to get his head through. His vision field was very restricted and he was terrified. The material itself was to soft and he quickly learned how to flex it. The following day we bought the FUNCOL small size and cannot be happier. Very secure, transparent, easy to put on and off. Try not to learn how it works on your pet's neck, but beforehand. We had no problem whatsoever.

anna (Grove City, US)
Absolute garbage

Do not. I repeat do not get this product. We received the 25 cm for our dog who had an corneal ulcer and need one for a week. Day 2 I hated it ordered a different brand. Why? This is absolutely a torture device, the straps designed to fit the collar are a constantly digging into my dogs neck passing through his double coat. Aside from this, it is not easy to use if you are allowed to remove for feeding. The tabs get stuck going in and coming out. This only stressed out my dog as we tried for 5 minutes each time to remove for feeding and then back on after.
The only positive thing I can say about this.prodict my dog could not remove it and it kept his paw away from his face. However this is not worth stressing out my already ailing dog.
I honestly can't wait to put something else on my dog. Do not buy this, ever.

Easy to use and very effective

Very simple to use and does the job perfectly. I love the little paw prints!!