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Go Cat Bat Arounds 3 Pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tina S. (Melbourne, AU)
My cats love these!

If you want a good quality ball that your cats go crazy for this is the one! My cats bat and kick them around. Even in the middle of the night I can hear them chasing these around. My friends I’ve gifted these to also have happy cats thanks to them. You won’t be disappointed!

Clare (Adelaide, AU)
Perfect for a kitty who loves her “ball”

A few years ago I bought some cute socks with fluffy balls attached. When I left one on the floor one ill-fated day, my cat Carmen started playing with it and, over the course of a month, managed to completely rip the balls off of both of my socks. They were her absolute favourite toys. She would carry them up and down stairs, throw them to herself, and generally loved them more than I had ever loved those socks. We named them (collectively) “Ball”

Then, one day, we couldn’t find them.

She yowled at night and kept us up because Ball was missing and she couldn’t possibly play with her other toys by herself. By the third night, I gave up finding ball and ordered these.

Carmen absolutely loves them. She will grab them in her mouth and carry them around, she likes catching them if we throw them, everything. They also seem to be holding up well, considering how quickly OG Ball became beloved shreds of fabric.

We found OG Ball, by the way. She had left it behind a laundry basket. But New Ball is also very appreciated. I bought 3 packs in the hope that she won’t lose -all- of them...

...but I’ll know where to get them again if she does.

Caitlin B. (Melbourne, AU)
Love em!

Our kitten really enjoys these balls, and I’m a big fan too! I like how they look, love that they don’t make any noise, and she can play with them on her own AND with me!

Tania H. (Adelaide, AU)
Great toys

My kittens love playing with these fluffy balls!!!
I went and brought lots more for them.😀

Love them

Good product both our Rag dolls love them