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Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs - Original

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Greenies removes plaque and tartar - even heavy deposits, reduces gingivitis, freshens breath and improves your dogs overall oral health by helping to deter dental disease. When you begin feeding Greenies, most pet owners notice an improvement in their dogs teeth and breath in less than two weeks. For optimum dental health, one Greenies fed daily is recommended but can be given up to twice daily.

Greenies primary ingredients are specially processed wheat gluten, natural flavours, unique teeth cleaning ingredients and chlorophyll, which gives Greenies® their green colour.

Choose the correct size Greenies for your dog:

  • Teenie - for dogs 2-7kg
  • Petite - for dogs 7-11kg
  • Regular - for dogs 11-22kg
  • Large - for dogs 22-45kg
  • Jumbo - for dogs over 45kg

Treats that are too small won't provide adequate chewing benefits. Treats that are too large can add unneeded calories to your dogs diet.

Teenie Treat Pak 340g = 43 Teenie Greenies
Teenie Treat Pak 510g = 65 Teenie Greenies

Petite Treat Pak 340g = 20 Petite Greenies
Petite Treat Pak 510g = 30 Petite Greenies

Regular Treat Pak 340g = 12 Regular Greenies
Regular Treat Pak 510g = 18 Regular Greenies

Large Treat Pak 340g = 8 Large Greenies
Large Treat Pak 510g - 12 Large Greenies

ATTENTION: Not suitable for dogs under 6 months of age. As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed.

Customer Reviews

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Another hassle-free transaction

Great product, have been using it for years and my fussy eater dog loves it

best treat

Got 2 Jack Russells, 1 nearly 10 years old, both love their daily Greenie. After breakfast they sit and wait for it and its gone in no time. Great product which keeps pets happy, best of all, no dentistry bills

Perfect for dogs on low fat diets

I use this product every day. They're the only treats I've been able to give my toy poodle cross after a bout of pancreatitis. He lurves munching them up & they're cleaning his teeth as well.

Three D
My dog brushes his teeth every morning!

My poodle started getting bad teeth he now has a greenie every morning and I've noticed an improvement He looks forward to it!

Greenies are great

I have only just started my dog on these and already she her teeth look better (less plague) and her doggy breath smells better. I will be buying this product again.