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Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clipper

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The Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clipper is a heavy duty clipper with a built in nail guard. This non-slip clipper is safe and easy to use.

The Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clipper has a soft grip handle and cutting guard and is made from quality stainless steel.

The design of the Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clipper makes nail trimming safe and the clipper is easy to use.

Save more money on vet bills and trim yourself!

Medium (for medium sized breeds)

Large (for larger sized breeds)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alix Simpson (Brisbane, AU)
can recommend

Excellent clippers, the job is done quickly now (phew)

Sue Neal (Brisbane, AU)
great clippers

These fit really comfortably in your hand - easy to use and especially because I have hand issues and they move freely, they make it more comfortable to use with less stress on me and dogs.

Happy HennyPenny
Easy and effective

My old Cavvie has nails that grow very quickly. The groomer suggested that I buy some clippers and just do a small clip of the tip each week. I was worried because I had never done it before and I had held my dog when the vet had clipped his nails and he is not cooperative. These clippers were comfortable and fitted well in my hand and had a clear safety edge which gave me confidence. My dog is used to me washing, brushing etc checking his paws between grooms and he stood perfectly and cooperated completely while I trimmed the tip of his nails. The trust my dog has with me and the fact that I was doing the clipping meant that myhusband didn't even have to hold him and no stress or trauma like at the vet. Because I am just trimming the tips regularly I don't have to worry about hitting a vein. Highly recommend you give this a try.

Vahliah Dane
Does the job on Great Dane black nails

Very happy with the fast delivery as I needed a new pair of sharp clippers to replace an old pair. Comfortable to use and my Great Dane was relaxed because I could cut his nails, quickly, and precisely without any crushing of the nail.

Crazy Dog Lady
Excellent Grooming Tool

I use these clippers on my 7 year old German Shepherd who has very tough, dark nails that grow quickly. These clippers do an excellent and precise job and are easy to use. No more visits to the groomers just for a nail cutting. I highly recommend this product.