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Halti Headcollar

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Designed to stop pulling during walks, the HALTI Headcollar is highly effective yet gentle on your dog to immediately stop pulling on the lead.

This Headcollar works by steering the dog's head in the direction the owner wants the dog to go, and so the body follows.

It is padded in areas to ensure a comfortable fit and allows the dog to still pant, drink, and eat comfortably.

Features a safety link that can attach to the dog's collar.


0 - Toy Poodle / Yorkie / Mini Dachshund
1 - Jack Russell / Whippet / Corgi / Border Terrier
2 - Border Collie / Standard Poodle / Staffie / Beagle
3 - Labrador / Retrievers / Husky / Dalmatian
4 - Great Dane / Rottweiler / Bernese MD
5 - St Bernard / Mastiff


Customer Reviews

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Justine Ibbotson (Port Hedland, AU)
Best thing ever!!!!

My dog went from one that took ME for a walk and was sooo anxious walking past other a dog walking beside me with a loose lead and far less anxiety. Our walks are not pleasant and I am no longer getting my back and shoulder pulled out of joint!! An absolute lifesaver!