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Bubbles dry in the air and land on the ground intact. 
  • Economical and fantastic fun.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Tamper-resistant packaging. 
  • Safe for pets AND kids!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The dogs thought it was great until the bubble mixture started sticking to their nose and mouth area as they would burst them. They weren't too interested after that experience. I also then had to wipe them down and clean their fur as the bubbles left residue on their hair and as I found out you defiantly don't want to miss any as it gets stuck on their fur as it hardens. Also it's all good to do it outside, but the bubbles went up and on the side of the house wall and of course didn't burst, and also over the ground as my dogs didn't like them so they were left there. I had to hose down the remainder of the bubbles. SO I'm disappointed I waisted the money. I will be going back to buying other mixtures that don't have the bubbles that don't pop.

Great Idea... Horrible Execution

I loved this idea when first reading it and went ahead purchasing "IncrediBubbles" Cat's lost their minds over the floating bubbles. My Bengal nearly had a break down. He couldn't understand what they were it was great. The fact they didn't burst and stayed defined for a period of time made it even better. Used it all the time at first, but over time and use the design of the container began to break and fall apart. Solution leaks out and covers the surrounding container. Had to throw out with over half left. I'd try another brand.

Terrible - waste of money

Both of my cats hated this product. One of them just ran away from the bubbles (which turned out to be smart). The other curiously approached them, had them land on her face and body where they promptly popped which scared her. To add insult to injury she was then left with a sticky white film on her face and body and we all know that cats do not appreciate foreign substances on their fur. I thought this would be fun for the cats but I was very wrong.


Must have got a dud batch. When we did manage to get any bubbles at all they were so small the dog couldn't even see them. Very Disappointed.


My puppy loves it. I usually can only have a couple of goes before he gets bored but as a everynow and then treat he adores it.