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iO Incarcerate Pour-On Lice & Fly Treatment for Cattle & Horses

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iO Incarcerate is an easy dose pour-on cattle lice and fly treatment and can also be used on horses.

For control of Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), House Fly (Musca domestica) and Lice (Bovicola bovis, Linognathus vituli and Haematopinus eurysternus) and synthetic pyrethroid susceptible Buffalo Fly (Haematobia irritans exigua) on beef and dairy cattle.

For control of synthetic pyrethroid susceptible Buffalo Fly (Haematobia irritans exigua) for up to 3 weeks and for control of Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) for up to 1 week on horses.

Provides protection from the Biting Midge (Culicoides brevitarsus) for at least 14 days with effective control of blood feeding C. brevitarsus for 6 days post treatment.


Contraindications: This product is contraindicated for use on animals severely stressed or in ill health. This product should not be used on horse's head forward of the ears. This product should not be applied as a single spot.

DOSE RATE FOR CATTLE: 5mL per 100kg liveweight

DOSE RATE FOR HORSES: 5mL per 100kg liveweight

WITHHOLDING PERIODS: Cattle: MEAT Zero (0) days; MILK Zero (0) days Horses: NOT TO BE USED on horses that may be slaughtered for human consumption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
D.K. (Brisbane, AU)
Incaserate pour on

Brilliant product help with itchy horses

Jenny Edwards (Sydney, AU)

I find Incarcerate very effective against the flies and midges on my itchy horse, I can definitely recommend

Lady Farmer (Penrith, AU)
No flies=No pinkeye

Used in late 2019 for 1st time as a trial on calves in a mob of 34 cows and calves after a bad Pinkeye season late 2018.
Applied backline 3 times at monthly intervals - mid Nov, mid Dec, then mid Jan2020.
Certainly keeps the flies away, did not sight a single fly on any calf.
No Pinkeye at all, very impressed with the product as fly deterrent and using again now on this years drop of calves in Nov 2020.
Downside is you need to yard them up but worth it.