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Kelato BetaMARE Behavioural Supplement for Mares

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BetaMARE is a concentrated, standardised chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) supplement to support normal balanced behaviour in mares.


  • Promotes balanced behaviour
  • Reduces irritability and mood swings
  • Natural remedy for tension
  • Aids focus for consistent performance
  • Improves willingness to work 

How does BetaMARE work?
Owning a mare often involves a rollercoaster of emotions – for both the mare and the owner! A mare’s mood swings are typically accompanied by irritability, muscular tension, erratic behaviour patterns and a generally uncooperative attitude. This quintessential ‘mare-ish’ behaviour can cause disruptions to training and competition schedules, as some mares become reactive, hard to handle or unfocused in their work.
Chasteberry has a long traditional history of use to help balance behaviour fluctuations in mares. Supplementation with chasteberry can help improve the mare’s mood, aiding relaxation and cooperation.

What makes BetaMARE unique?
A common problem with feeding raw herbs (whether whole, dried or powdered) is the variation between batches. The level of actives in raw herbs can be influenced by a range of factors such as stage of growth, season and environmental conditions (soil type, pH, water, etc). So, it is difficult to determine an effective dose unless a standardised herbal extract is used. For this reason, Kelato use a concentrated, standardised chasteberry extract in BetaMARE to ensure consistency and efficacy between product batches.

Per 30mL: 450mg Chasteberry Extract, Natural Cherry Flavouring, Natural Low Sugar Sweetener (Monk Fruit), Water, Preservatives.

Directions for use:

  • BetaMARE is designed to be mixed in the horse's feed.
  • Feed 30- 60mL daily.
  • Safe to use long-term.
  • Do not use on pregnant mares.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Feeding recommendations are for 500kg bodyweight.

946mL - 31 days supply
3.78L - 126 day supply

Customer Reviews

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Leeonie (Sydney, AU)
Better mare suppliment

Love this product. Made significant difference to my mare. Went from always in season to cycles. Tried this as first option to see if changes before medicated veterinary way. The chasteberry working great.