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KER Bone Food Plus 15kg

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Kentucky Equine Research Bone Food Plus is a scientifically formulated mineral & vitamin supplement to support bone health.

Horses housed in stables or yards with restricted access to turnout can exhibit significant bone demineralisation, increasing the risk of fracture and breakdown. Bone Food Plus ensures all the essential building blocks are in the diet to optimise bone health and strength.

Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are the main structural components of bone. Low dietary calcium and phosphorus can lead to weakening of bones in horses, especially performance horses, lactating mares and growing horses.

Many diets do not provide optimal levels or correct ratios of minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Horses fed diets high in grain and hay are usually deficient in calcium. Tropical forages and high-oxalate pastures contain calcium-binding agents, which may contribute to the serious bone disorder Bighead disease. Magnesium deficiency can occur when horses are fed high-grain and low-roughage diets, whilst sweating heavily, or when factors interfere with magnesium absorption.

Vitamin D plays a key role in calcium and phosphorus absorption and is an important nutrient for stabled horses where it plays a vital role in bone health. The role of Vitamin K in bone development has been recently recognised and it is an important nutrient in horses deprived of green grass. Zinc, copper and manganese are important trace minerals, which play a role in bone development. Levels in grains and forages are often deficient, so a supplementary source is required.


* To supplement equine diets with vital bone building nutrients.

* To supply extra calcium and phosphorus to horses fed tropical forages.

* For stabled horses at risk of bone demineralisation and fracture.

* For growing horses and lactating mares with high calcium demands.

* For young working horses that require additional minerals for both work and growth.


The following amounts should be fed daily and divided equally amongst feeds.

Mix well into a damp feed.

* 40g Spelling horses, dry mares.

* 80g Working horses, late pregnant mares, lactating mares, growing horses.

* 120g Horses grazing tropical forages.

SIZE: 15kg

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