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Kiltix Tick Collar for Dogs

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Kiltix is the fastest acting tick collar in Australia, working twice as quickly as any other collar.

Designed to fit dogs of all sizes, the collar protects against deadly Paralysis ticks for 6 weeks. Kiltix also kills and repels brown dog and bush ticks for 5 months and Controls fleas for 5 months..

Ticks are attracted to the head, neck and forelimbs. The Kiltix collar releases a fine powder that repels ticks before they have the chance to bite.

Kiltix is safe for puppies over 12 weeks of age and can be used in conjunction with other heartworm prevention and flea or tick treatments such as Advocate, Advantage or Advantix for dogs. It provides your dog with fast, cost-effective control in tick-prone areas.

Pack Size: 1 adjustable collar

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great Product

Better than tablets.

No ticks GREAT

Easy to put on, does not irritate and no ticks

Quality Product

Living in a rural area and having two very active and adventurous dogs that are constantly exposed to Fleas and Paralysis, Brown & Scrub ticks every day, all year round. We use Kiltix collars on our dogs in conjunction with a regular parasite wash because this product does NOT break or come off and helps in the prevention of all four parasites in particular Brown ticks and they are strong and last a long time. Even in the summer when the dogs are often in the water.

Trusted Product

We live in an area thick with Scub Ticks, We have been using this product for many years with sucsess,but a few months ago,I forgot to mark the date for new collars on the callender and my older dog had 2 large Scrub Ticks attatched. We rushed her to the vet who thankfully saved her life. So please don't go over the 6 week period if you live in a known Scrub Tick area. I still trust this product.

excellent for my dogs

I don't worry when my dogs have a kiltix around their necks