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Kohnke's Own Formex

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Kohnke's Own Formex contains natural nutritional compounds, without herbs or microbials, which when inadequate in the diet, may result in loose, poorly formed droppings and chronic, low grade diarrhoea. Formex contains natural phospholipids, provides highly absorbable branched chain amino acids and a natural source of glutamine which have roles in maintaining the integrity of the intestinal lining and promotes intestinal health. Features: * Contains natural phospholipids to help maintain the normal intestinal lining. * Provides highly absorbable branched chain amino acids and natural source glutamine for optimum intestinal health and function. * Has a role in maintaining the integrity of the intestinal lining. * Supplements organic zinc and glucose to normalise digestive function.

Formex™ is well accepted and mixes into the food to provide natural compounds to normalise intestinal integrity, health and function.

Helps maintain normal form of the droppings in foals, working and aged horses with soft, loose droppings of a non-infective nature.





Handy Hint: Many horses suffer chronic bowel irritation following worms or gastro-intestinal upset. Formex™ is a suitable natural nutritional supplement to provide compounds to normalise the intestinal lining and form of the droppings.

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ellinbank quarter horses

with aged horses that are poor doers this product helps put condition on as it looks after stomach lining, my mare was poor for 2 yrs didn't matter what i fed ,after feeding this product for a bout 2 weeks i could see improvement,