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KONG EZ-Soft E Collar for Cats & Small Dogs

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Help break the lick - bite, itch - scratch cycle gently with the KONG EZ-Soft Collar.

The KONG EZ-Soft Collar is great for cats and small/miniature dogs recovering from surgery. The soft feel will not scratch furniture and is a lot less stressful to wear than classic cone collars.

The unique collar drawstring enables the owner to tighten or loosen as necessary to ensure the ongoing comfort of the pet.
Machine washable.

SIZES:  (See attached images with measurements.) 
Extra Small - 10cm
Small - 15cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liz (Brisbane, AU)
Great softer alternative to a plastic cone

My poor little foxy cross chihuahua HATED wearing his plastic cone. You could tell it was hurting him. This one is nice and soft and flexible so he could sleep better and generally was a happier boy.

Cheryl Ash (Forest Lake, AU)
Cat could get it off easily.

Our cat could get it off easily by hooking claws into the material.

The perfect alternative to traditional E-Collars

I bought this collar for my cat to wear to stop her from scratching her neck after having surgery and I am so thrilled with it! It's a perfect alternative to the traditional hard plastic e-collar which really restricts an animal's movement and is uncomfortable for them to wear (if you can actually get one on them in the first place, my cat just hated the regular one and freaked out with it on). It has stopped my cat from being able to scratch out her neck stitches and she is actually content to wear it as she can still eat, drink and lie down with it on. I would highly recommend this collar for anyone looking for a kinder, softer alternative to the plastic e-collars. And if you find the collar is too big, or if like me you only need to stop them from scratching their neck/head area, you can just cut around the outside of the collar with a pair of sharp scissors until you get it down to the best size for your pet.