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Kruuse HydroGel Sterile Wound Healing Gel

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KRUUSE HydroGel is a clear amorphous hydrogel containing water, propylene glycol and carboxymethyl cellulose polymer for absorption and 0.04% polyhexanide, which works as a disinfectant and antiseptic.

It may be added directly to the wound and provides a moist environment, conducive to wound healing.

Key Functions:

  • Key part of the wound preparation protocol
  • Provides a moist wound healing environment
  • Promotes natural debridement through autolysis
  • Loosens and absorbs slough and exudate
  • Not runny and highly viscous
  • Contains 0.04% polyhexanide (PHMB) as a preservative
  • Sterile

SIZES: available as a single 15g tube or a box of 10 tubes

For veterinary use only.

Customer Reviews

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NB (Perth, AU)
Excellent product

I knew what I was buying - had used it before, from our vet. I used it for post-op wound care for our rabbit. The vet was worried about exposed bone drying out so recommended using this gel. It is working very well. Healthy bone and the open wound is recovering well.