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Likit Snak-a-Ball

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The Snak-a-Ball is the ideal companion for conscientious owners as it stimulates natural grazing behaviour, which is beneficial to a horse's digestion. Also encourages the horse to stretch forwards and down, which may help improve muscle tone and flexibility.

* Good all round suitability

* Make more challenging by using pelleted feed instead of muesli

* Encourages the horse to stretch and use muscles from poll to tail

Challenge Level : Medium

Instructions for Use:
1. For best results use pelleted feed only, ie pony nuts, no coarse-mixes

2. Introduce your horse to the ball by letting him smell the ball and its contents, then gently push the ball, allowing some of the pellets to fall out. Your horse will soon get the idea!

3.Try using the Snak-a-Ball both in and out the stable. Particularly when there is little or restricted grazing

4. The Snak-a-Ball benefits not only the digestive system but also encourages stretching from pole to tail

Top Tips:
1.The Snak-a-Ball can also be filled with a variety of small Treats, like Likit Snaks or Succulents (Carrot sticks, Apples etc), provided they are cut small enough to fit through the holes around the inside of the ball

2. To clean the Snak-a-Ball, simply hose the inside of the ball and leave upside down to drain

Assorted colours. Please let us choose for you.

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