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Aussie Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Simon (Sydney, AU)
Aussie lint pet hair roller

An excellent product that catches hair, lint, dust, pollen and fine particulents from any fabric. Yes you may need to use a couple of leaves to clean an area but you will see great results. Don't expect 1 leaf to do a house or flat! Pricey it is, but it gives great results. TIP.! fold a bit of the leading edge and stick it back on itself, it makes it easy to find the edge to peel off and dispose.

Linda F. (Brisbane, AU)
Aussie lint roller

I recently bought a refill, like the size of the roller as covers more surface but at times find it difficult to find where the tear of is to get clean sheet. Otherwise will keep using it

Marlene H. (Ashburton, AU)
Not worth it

Not adhesive enough not economical

Aussie Lint Roller

the refills were too big for the roller !! Some refills fit others are too wide so they fall out! FIX IT.

Julie M.
Aussie Lint Roller

I use these quite alot. Does a great job removing hair off anything. If you have a white dog & wear black clothes, these are marvellous little things.