Maldison 50 Insecticide

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Chicken Mite Killer

I don't usually write reviews, but I highly recommend this product if dealing with a mite infestation in your chicken coop. I have been dealing with an infestation for months and wasted a lot of time and money using Diatomaceous Earth. Pretty easy to use, just make sure you follow the instructions exactly (eg clean twice) and make sure you treat your chickens also. In saying that, I used a different product for treating the chickens.

Andrew (Melbourne, AU)
Very effective flea kill

Used as directed on our 15 yr old Russian blue puss which was very sensitive to fleas and could not use the usual syringe style treatment ( made her sick). Made up 4 litres ond swabbed it on liberally to thoroughly wet the cat out (but avoid the face!!) dry, fur was matted down, then gave a good rinse 4 hrs later. Smells a bit chemically but the puss now is a very, very happy puss. One application did the trick. Good job.
I would definitely recommend. Far better than the usual treatments.

Janice A. (Torrens Creek, AU)

I have used this product before and will recommend it.