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Megaderm is an  omega 3 and omega 6 supplement for dogs and cats.

What is Megaderm?

  • Palatable nutritional supplement for dogs and cats.
  • A useful adjunct in treatment of chronic pruritis, seborrhoea and allergies (e.g. flea allergy dermatitis and atopy).
  • Improves the lustre and smoothness of a pet’s hair coat.

Recommended for:
Dogs and cats with skin allergies and keratinisation disorders.

Why choose Megaderm?

  • Superior formulation – the 5:1 ratio of omega 6 : omega 3 has optimal influence on the inflammatory cascade to promote the production of anti-inflammatory mediators.
  • Includes cofactors and antioxidants – vitamins A, B, E and zinc enhance the effects of the essential fatty acids.
  • Improves hair coat quality, reinforces skin integrity, maintains efficient epidermal barrier function and provides nutritional support for cases of pruritis and inflammation.
  • Easy to use presentations.

Linoleic acid (Ω6), gamma linolenic acid (Ω6), eicosapentaenoic acid (Ω3), docosahexaenoic acid (Ω3), vitamins A, B, E and zinc.

Dosage & Directions for Use:
Bottle:  Shake well.  Remove chamber lid and squeeze bottle to fill dose chamber to the required amount depending on pet weight.  Pour on food.

Volume: 250 mL;   1 L

Sorry this product cannot be shipped to New Zealand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Melinda Harley (Adelaide, AU)
Also good for joints

Megaderm has worked well as an omega supplement to assist with stiffness and joint pain for my 14 year old Maltese x. Since he has been on it, he no longer rises slowly with stiffness and even runs about like a young dog again. It's great for maintaining the health of my other two dogs also.
One of the other dogs suffers from skin allergies but this has been under control since being on megaderm.

Great for skin allergies

I have 2 labradors with skin allergies. Their skin was scabby and dry and itchy, even using proper medicated shampoo and conditioner did not help and had to go to the vet for injections until I found Megaderm. Within 2 weeks their skin was healthy, scab free and their coats are back to being soft and shiny. Highly recommend it.

Sokari German Shepherds
I am happy recommending this product.

I have only had our dog on this product for approx. a week, but in that time his coat has already improved. He had a lot of red, inflamed skin and is missing roughly 60-75% of his coat due to a reaction to medication. His skin is now calm and dry except for a couple of spots which are also much improved. It's not a magic bullet but this is definitely a valuable product and I will be ordering more to keep him on it.

Stops itching skin issues.

We mix it in our dogs food every second night,she likes it.By using it all her red itchy skin problems have stopped.We recommend this product highly.

Marvelous Megaderm

I have two dogs with auto-immune disease that have multiple skin problems. Megaderm makes it possible to keep them from having to be on medication. Love it.