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MuscleGUARD 32g

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MuscleGUARD is an oral paste that provides amino acids, vitamins and potent antioxidants that have a role in maintaining normal muscle and nerve function during and after intense exercise. Supplementation with MuscleGUARD before and after the event can help provide relief from acute muscle soreness and fatigue associated with strenuous exercise.

How does it work?



Low intensity exercise:

* Uses oxygen to fuel the energy production process.

* Glycogen conversion to energy is minimal – carnitine helps to sustain the glycogen reservoir for a longer period.

High intensity exercise (sprint):

* Not enough oxygen is inhaled to be used as fuel, so other energy sources power the muscles.

* High levels of carnitine in the muscle prior to exercise enable higher work output for less energy expenditure.

* Oral carnitine ingestion can load the muscles with glycogen.

* Reservoir of carnitine in the muscles ensures all energy sources, such as fatty acids, are used BEFORE glycogen stores are used.

* The delay in glycogen depletion delays lactic acid production.


* Present in very high concentrations in equine skeletal muscle fast twitch fibres, where it aids in buffering the lactic acid produced during glycolysis (breakdown of glucose).

Dimethylglycine (DMG)

* Helps increase oxygen uptake in the bloodstream.

* Increase in oxygen helps to increase stamina, conserve energy and delay the transition from aerobic to anaerobic exercise.

* By extending the aerobic portion of exercise, DMG lessens the production of lactic acid.


Alpha-lipoic acid

* Antioxidant that helps to turn glucose into energy.

* Can also help restore other antioxidants such as vitamins E & C (reactivate them).

Grape seed extract

* Contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs), which are known for their potent antioxidant activity.

Alpha-lipoic acid & Grape Seed Extract help to:

* Neutralise and destroy dangerous by-products of body metabolism (free radicals), which are released during exercise.

* Delay the onset of fatigue.

* Reduce recovery time after heavy exercise periods.

When to use MuscleGUARD?

* Horses with acute symptoms of muscle soreness or tightening after work.

* For all performance horses, whether the work is anaerobic (sprints) or aerobic (stamina), muscles need energy and MuscleGUARD helps muscle cells to access and use sugars and fatty acids.

* Its supplementation before and after the event has a role in providing relief from acute muscle soreness and fatigue associated with strenuous exercise.

Features & Benefits:

* Improves stamina and endurance by delaying the onset of fatigue.

* Delays the pain of lactic acid.

* Reduces recovery times after heavy exercise.

* Improves and maintains mental alertness for longer.

* Aids in providing a speedy recovery from tying up.

* Ideal for travelling – horses unload and are 'ready to go'!

Other products that may help:

MuscleGUARD works best with Kelato's LoosenUP. MuscleGUARD is for relief on the day of the event to help recovery and performance. For horses with mild symptoms or symptoms that disappear within a few days, MuscleGUARD alone should be sufficient. Horses with persistent and ongoing muscle soreness require both LoosenUP as part of their daily diet, as well as MuscleGUARD on the day of the event. MuscleGUARD does not contain any of the ingredients in LoosenUP.

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