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Natural Animal Solutions Organic Seaweed 300g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Had to stop using this

Wish I could use it but with his tender gut I just have to keep trying things for his joints.

Hair re-growth on my greyhound

I read about this product on a greyhound adoption forum; some greyhounds tend toward balding patches on their thighs. My 12 month old boy had a patch about an inch wide, and three inches long, and was still losing hair in that spot. His skin was very light coloured, so against his black hair, the patch was very noticeable. After using this product for only two weeks, I can see a definite improvement. The skin on my dog has darkened, and the hair is already growing back. It is very simple to use; I just mix it with his food.

Sandfordbell L.
Definitely continue to use this product

Excellent product - great service from the supplier and the benefits and overall condition of my labs has been overwhelming. Has even stop them eating their poo. As I have been told previously by adding seaweed powder to the food it does stop this habit and it has.


If you buy only one product for your animals this is the one. Here in Australia our soils are "ancient" and lack vital trace elements particularly iodine. This simple, safe but powerful supplement is great for achieving optimal health and wellbeing. I find there are many benefits from its use coat, skin and boosted immune responses. As I have a dog with allergies I find the seaweed powder does wonders for her inflammation.

Natural Animal Solutions Seaweed 300g

Great dog had crumbly claws that were difficult to cut and my vet suggested I put her on some seaweed extract, and this worked really well and fixed my dog's claws.