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Neutradex for Horses

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During exercise, lactic acid and free radicals build up in the muscles, and if not neutralised and removed can lead to cramping, stiffness, fatigue and slow recovery. Lactic acid build-up is also one of the factors which contributes to "tying-up"syndrome.

NEUTRADEX is formulated to combat the effects of acidosis and dehydration particularly after fast work. NEUTRADEX also encourages horses to drink, increasing the action of the kidneys in clearing toxic wastes produced by hard exercise.

Beneficial for:
- Horses in hard training.
- Preventing muscle soreness after fast work.
- Horses with a history of "tying-up".
- Preventing dehydration.

Why use Neutradex?
- Active ingredient Citrate gets right into the muscle cells to buffer acid build up.
- The Sodium in Neutradex stimulates the thirst to encourage drinking and flushing of toxins from the body.

Each 28ml dose contains:
Sodium acid citrate 7.93g

NEUTRADEX is a caramel flavoured syrup available in 1L bottles & 5L casks

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