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Oakwood Leather Oil

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Oakwood Leather Oil will soften, restore and nourish old saddlery leather and accessories. This product will keep leather soft and pliable and prevent further drying and deterioration to all your saddlery items including saddles, bridles and harness gear.

Ideal for making new leather lovely and supple and for softening, restoring and nourishing old, dry leather.

And as with all Oakwood's products, it blends natural ingredients including neatsfoot oil and lanolin in addition to other fine leather conditioning oils.

Using Oakwood's leather care products will guarantee all your leather gear, will be kept in quality condition._

Suitable for:

* Saddles, bridles and harness gear

* All other tack accessories

How to use this product:

Step 1 -
Remove all fittings and buckles and use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe down surface of leather to remove loose dirt, dust, hair or moisture.

Step 2 -
Spray oil directly and evenly to leather article.

Step 3 - Wipe oil over surface with a clean cloth and allow to penetrate.

Step 4 -
Buff off any excess oil.

The Perfect Finish Tip:

Clean leather surface with Oakwood Leather Cleaner before oiling.

Apply oil to the ÔroughÕ or flesh side of the leather and take care when applying product to girth points or stirrup leathers. Excessive oiling can weaken these sections.

Be aware that oil may stain clothing. _

SIZE: 500mL;

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